In our sermon series on “New Life in Christ,” we’ve talked about what Jesus meant when he said “you must be born again” and we’ve talked about the role that grace and faith play in that spiritual birthing process.  Now this Sunday we’re ready to discuss what comes next.  Once I’ve been spiritually reborn, what […]

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Animal House

This week we continue our Sermon series called “New Life in Christ.”  Last week we began by exploring what it means to be “born again.”  We saw that Jesus was talking about the necessity of a spiritual awakening within each of us.  This week we’ll dig deeper by studying a key New Testament passage that […]

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Born Again?

You’ve heard the phrase a million times.  You’ve seen it on thousands of bumper stickers?  But have you ever heard a really thoughtful discussion of what Jesus meant when he originally used that term.  This Sunday Pastor Jeff will dig deep into the question: What does it really mean to be born again?  This will be the […]

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