Let God Be God

Do you have any control issues?  Do you ever find yourself frustrated because things happen that you don’t understand?  Do you wish God was more responsive to your wants and needs?  If so, Sunday’s sermon is for you.  In it we’ll explore how to find a place of peace and surrender in life, as we […]

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Everyday Saints

This Sunday, November 1st, is All Saints Day.  We’ll wrap up our sermon series on saints by celebrating everyday saints that we encounter in our own lives.  We’ll explore the common traits that most saintly people share and, in the process, learn how we can come closer to living into their example.

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What Should I Do?

What is God trying to accomplish in and through you in the present global crisis?  With everything discombobulated, is there any rhyme or reason to your present circumstance?  This Sunday Pastor Jeff will share the answer that God gave him in a dream this week – an answer drawn from one of Jesus’ least familiar […]

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