Where in your life are you experiencing scarcity?  How would you finish this sentence, “I don’t have enough _______.”  Not enough time?  Not enough money?  Not enough love?  Not enough patience?  This Sunday we’ll examine an epic Bible story that shows us how to transform scarcity into sufficiency. Today's Scripture I Kings 17:8-16 Discussion Questions […]

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Financial Peace

Got any financial stress?  Ever wonder why you work hard, earn a paycheck, but there never seems to be enough?  Are finances a source of frustration in your life?  This Sunday we continue our sermon series called “Getting Myself Together” by take a look at four bedrock Biblical principles that can help us find financial […]

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How Much Is Enough?

Sermon TitleThis Sunday, as we continue our sermon series on “My Ordinary Life,” we’ll imagine it’s Friday – pay day! – which raises the question: What role should money play in the life of a deeply spiritual person?  How should I balance my need for money – and the stuff money can buy – with […]

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