Your Secret Superpower

Did you know that you have a Secret Superpower?  Do you know what it is?  Are you actively using it?  These are the questions we’ll explore on Sunday, as we continue our sermon series called “Living With Resurrection Power!” Don’t live an underpowered life!  Let’s learn together!

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The Power of Negative Thinking

You’ve heard about the “the power of positive thinking.”  There’s a lot of truth in that.  But the reverse is also true.  Negative thinking can be just as powerful in destructive ways.  This week we’ll explore a passage in Second Corinthians that offers insights into how we can overcome the power of negative thinking.  None […]

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It’s what we all want.  For ourselves, others, and the world.  This Sunday we wrap up our sermon series on a famous Christmas prophecy describing who Jesus would be.  Our focus this week will be on the claim that Jesus is the “Prince of Peace.”  We’ll explore three core spiritual principles that can make the […]

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