When The Threat Becomes The Opportunity

This Sunday is Anniversary Sunday at LifeJourney!  It seems odd to celebrate when everything is so disrupted by COVID and we can only gather online.  For perspective, we’re going to look to a great Bible story that gives insight into how God works through even life’s greatest disruptions.  If you’re looking for some encouragement and […]

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This Is Us

This Sunday we’ll look at a parable that reflects the deepest passion of Jesus’ heart, and consider what it would mean for us to reflect that same passion, as individuals and as a church.  If you’ve been thinking of inviting someone to church, this would be a great Sunday for them to get acquainted with […]

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Living the Dream

What’s the key to maintaining a vibrant spiritual life?  This Sunday we’ll explore a Gospel passage where Jesus boils it down to a couple bare essentials.  Are you practicing those bare essentials?  Find out on Sunday. 

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Who We Are

This week is Annual Congregational Meeting Sunday, so we’ll take some time in worship to remind ourselves who we are as a church and what we’re called to be.  If you’ve been around the church for a while, this is a great Sunday to celebrate our work together.  If you’re new, it’s a great Sunday […]

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