Loving What Is

Fretting is not good for us. The Bible tells us to “fret not.” But we do it anyway because it feels like others are disrupting our peace.  Or we want life to go a certain way.  Or it’s more important to be what we think is “right” than to be free.  All of which leads […]

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Existential Questions

To be human is to have questions – deep existential questions about life and its meaning.  This Sunday we’ll look at Jesus’ dramatic encounter with Pontius Pilate and explore three great questions Pilate asked Jesus at his trial.

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How To Win The War We’re In

Do you ever feel like you’re under attack?  Like the challenges of life are so overwhelming you feel like you’re in a war and at risk of being swept away?  This Sunday we’ll conclude our sermon series in the New Testament book of Ephesians by looking at an insightful formula for winning the war that […]

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