Jesus’ Most Puzzling Parable

On Sunday, we resume our sermon series called “The Beauty of Christ – Living in Me” by looking at one of Jesus’ most puzzling parables – a story he tells about wine.  We’ll take the parable apart piece by piece and, in the process, learn revolutionary, life-changing truth. Today's Scripture Mark 2:14-22 Discussion Questions "Going […]

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The Mark of the Beast

Granted, it seems like an unusual topic to discuss right after Thanksgiving.  But the subject is much more practical than you think.  On Sunday we’ll see if we can decode the mysterious mark of the beast and, most importantly, the practical life lesson it’s meant to teach us – not for some distant prophetic future, but right […]

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A Beautiful Life

Today's Scripture Galatians 5:16-25 Have you ever known someone who lived an incredibly beautiful life – the kind of person who just radiated love, peace, and joy?  When we meet people like that, we find ourselves thinking, “I want what they have!”  So what do they have?  This Sunday we’ll explore the secret formula for […]

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