A Transformational Way To See Life

As we move toward Thanksgiving, we’ll spend the next few weeks exploring how we can grow our sense of gratitude.  This week we’ll study a single Bible verse that has the power to completely change how you see life, but you’ve probably never heard before.  Learn something new!

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The Patron Saint of LGBTQ People

We’re in a sermon series where we’re learning about some of the great saints of church history.  This Sunday we’re going to take a look at the life of someone who’s probably done more than anyone ever to open the church to LGBTQ people.  We’ll ask what practical lessons we can learn from the life […]

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How Does God Judge Me?

We all have weaknesses – areas in life where we really struggle.  How does God judge us in those areas?  This Sunday we’ll look at a story where Jesus tackles that question.  What he says will probably surprise you – and offer great hope!

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