Where Do You Belong?

This Sunday, July 11, Pastor Vivian will preach her finale sermon before retiring at the end of July.  She will preach at both services on Sunday, sharing beautiful memories while reminding us of several critically important spiritual lessons.  Don’t miss this beautiful moment in the life of our church!

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Lessons From St. Joan of Arc

This Sunday we’ll continue our sermon series about some of the great saints throughout church history by focusing on one of the most colorful and unlikely of all the saints.  She only lived to be 19.  Yet she accomplished something that no one thought possible, especially for a woman of her time.  We’ll draw two […]

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Faith of Our Mothers

Bring your Mom to church on Sunday so we can honor and celebrate her!  As part of that celebration, we’ll study the story of an early Christian woman who lived so heroically, she was celebrated in a book that circulated widely in early Christian churches – a book called “The Acts of Paul and Thecla.”  This is […]

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