A Voice From Beyond

Imagine if, when making important decisions, you could have direct access to the wisdom and counsel of God to guide you.  Actually, Jesus promises that we can.  How?  That’s what we’ll explore on Sunday, as we continue our sermon series called “Ghost Stories.” 

Today's Scripture
Genesis 37, selected verses
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    Enrique Manuel Flores says:

    I am really enjoying a lot of your messages, I have keep thinking about my particular situation, I emailed you about it. And the more I hear your messages that I am going about things the right way. A scripture in the Bible is the one the unrighteous judge and the widow and about God bringing justice always plays in my mind and I ask that question all the time, how can it be just of God to let something said to me be wrong but listening to this today I realize it’s God saying that He will be just and He hears me and I just got to be patient. So thank you for this.

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