Church the Way It Is vs.Church the Way It Was Meant To Be

When churches fall short of what they’re supposed to be, they can be very disappointing. But when they function as Jesus envisioned, they are beautiful, life-giving places. This Sunday we will celebrate the 26th Anniversary of the founding of our church by reminding ourselves what Jesus wants our church to be and how each of us can do our small part to make that happen.

Today's Scripture

I Corinthians 1, selected verses beginning at verse 18

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    Brue Brewer says:

    Good Morning:

    I love Paator Jeff’s sermons, however, as I download them on my computer, they only work for a couple of minutes then stop and I am unable to view/listen to any more of the sermon. The rest of my internet is functioning, I’m not sure what the issue is.

    Thank you- and please continue your vital ministry- I hope to be able to hear further sermons.



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      Life Journey says:

      Hi Bruce,

      The issue you are experiencing is most likely due to playback quality and/or buffering issues. Here is a link to troubleshoot this issue for your specific system and internet connection. (This guide is provided by Vimeo, the platform we use to host our video.)

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