What Should Have Been

When we face hard times, it’s easy to get stuck wishing we could go back to a “better” time.  It’s easy to nurse regrets.  To ask, “What if?”  To ruminate over “what should have been.”  This week we launch a new sermon series called “Ancient Bible Prophecies: Could They Foretell Your Future?”  Each week we’ll take a different prophecy and apply it directly to our personal lives, starting this Sunday with a passage where the prophet Isaiah tells us exactly what to do when we’re tempted to get stuck looking back in life.

Today's Scripture
Isaiah 43:14-21
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    Vickie Smith says:

    Kay & I had to miss church today. But I watched the sermon on Facebook link. It hit home for me. We’ll definitely be back next Sunday.

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    Kirsten Battaglia says:

    A friend shared this on facebook. I live in Michigan. This message was so appropriate for the struggle I am dealing with. I have been praying a lot and then lo and behold this beautiful sermon entered my life. Thank you so very much.

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