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Changing Africa

Back in 2002, our church published a book on homosexuality and the Bible called The Children Are Free.  Since then, it has been translated into 7 languages, changing countless hearts and minds across the globe.

A couple months ago, an organization called Crossing Lines Africa asked if we could help them fund a translation of our book into Swahili.  The repression of LGBTQ people in East Africa is horrific.  Crossing Lines Africa will use the book as a primary educational tool in its work with pastors, educators, and government officials. 

In October, our church provided $3,000 to fund the Swahili translation.  That translation is now complete and will soon be used at a large conference of thought leaders in Uganda.  Meanwhile, here are photos of the leader of Crossing Lines Africa doing a small-group training on our book for pastors in a refugee camp in Kenya where several LGBTQ people have recently been killed.  Your generous giving is helping save lives and change the world.  Thank you!!

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