I Can’t Breathe

A Statement from LifeJourney’s Pastors As you know, an African American man, George Floyd, died on Monday after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him to the ground with his knee on his neck for 8 minutes, hands bound behind his back, as three other officers watched and bystanders pleaded for...

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Changing Africa

Back in 2002, our church published a book on homosexuality and the Bible called The Children Are Free.  Since then, it has been translated into 7 languages, changing countless hearts and minds across the globe. A couple months ago, an organization called Crossing Lines Africa asked if we could help them...

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Dreamers Under Attack

A Statement From Pastor Jeff on behalf of our Church, Sept. 6, 2017 Another week and another vulnerable population group under attack.  This week it’s Dreamers – children whose parents brought them to America when they were young – on average age 6.  These kids have grown up among us and...

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The Moral Core of Our Nation Is at Risk

A Statement by Pastor Jeff on behalf of LifeJourney Church Our nation was founded on a core principle.  The Declaration of Independence proclaimed, “All men are created equal.”  Unfortunately, that originally meant that only white men were created equal.  But a seed was planted that gradually blossomed into the recognition that...

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Racism Bares It’s Ugly Teeth Once Again

A Statement By Pastor Jeff on Behalf of Our Church This weekend hundreds of white nationalists, KKK members, and Neo-Nazis descended on Charlottesville, Virginia, and the University of Virginia, to advocate for white supremacy.  We’ve all seen the disturbing news, as the demonstrations have turned violent and innocent people have been...

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Standing With Transgender Youth

A Statement from Pastor Jeff: The rights of transgender youth were dealt a serious setback yesterday.  Under our prior President, the Justice Department took the position that federal civil rights laws prohibit discrimination against transgender children in their schools and requires that they be allowed to use the restrooms that...

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