Standing With Transgender Youth

A Statement from Pastor Jeff:

The rights of transgender youth were dealt a serious setback yesterday.  Under our prior President, the Justice Department took the position that federal civil rights laws prohibit discrimination against transgender children in their schools and requires that they be allowed to use the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

Yesterday our new President reversed that position, leaving our trans kids (and their parents) to fend for themselves in dealing with their local schools.  Jesus stood with the most vulnerable in his culture – Luke 4:14-30; Matthew 25:31-46.  As his followers, we have an obligation to do the same.  Here are three things each of us can do:

  • Pray for our trans youth.
  • Contact the White House and legislators to express your concern. To get contact info, go to: CommonCause.org.
  • Contact your local school to encourage them to do the right thing.


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    Mary Geyer says:

    Amen Pastor. This president seems to be determined to take away people’s rights. It is my opinion he must be stopped somehow

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