When Never Meets Now

Last Sunday we began a new sermon series called “Living With Resurrection Power!” Each week for four weeks we are exploring a different spiritual principle that’s critical to our ability to live with resurrection power.  This week we’ll explore Principle No. 2.  Don’t live an underpowered life!  Let’s learn these principles and apply them!

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Meet Your Moments!

Join us for our Palm Sunday celebration, which marks the beginning of the most eventful week on the Christian calendar.  This Sunday we will study Luke’s account of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, drawing power life lessons from three key actors in the Palm Parade.

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While We Are Waiting On Jesus

The season of waiting for Jesus' birth (Advent) begins this Sunday.  Advent reminds us that we too in our time are waiting for Jesus, i.e., his Second Coming.  So this Sunday we'll talk about what it means to wait for Jesus and how we can prepare ourselves for his coming.  On Sunday you'll get to hear […]

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