Top Of The World

It can be hard to find contentment in our lives.  We’re overwhelmed, overloaded, and exhausted by what happens in everyday life.  We want more time, but only to “catch up” on what we’re already doing — rushing, planning, worrying, and rushing some more.  Everything can suffer.  Contentment and joy evaporate.  How do we get some […]

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Cultivating Stillness

There’s nothing more scarce in our modern world than stillness.  Life sweeps us along in a storm of sound and fury.  We get so busy, we sometimes don’t even know who we are – and might even be afraid to get to know who we are.  This week we’ll explore Brené Brown’s Guidepost No. 8 […]

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Sleep Debts and Play Deficits

Are you frazzled?  Stretched too thin?  Does it feel like your life is out-of-balance?  If so, Jesus has something to say to you.  Join us on Sunday as we tackle Brené Brown’s Guidepost No. 6 for wholehearted living: cultivating play and rest . . . by letting go of exhaustion as a status symbol and […]

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I Can See It In Your Face

Any stress in your life?  One of the most important practical questions we face is how to manage stress.  So what did Jesus do?  This Sunday we’ll look at Jesus’ amazing stress management “technique,” as we continue our sermon series called “The Beauty Of Christ – Living In Me.”  Join us on Sunday and find some relief!

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A New Old Way To Pray

Does your prayer life feel a bit stale?  This Sunday we’re going to explore a way of praying that is grounded in Scriptures and has been practiced for centuries, yet you’ve probably never heard of it.  Join us Sunday to learn something new that will expand your spiritual horizons! 

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Just Breathe

Do you long for a more measured pace in life?  Join us on New Year’s Day for “Un-Resolution Sunday.”  Instead of asking what we need to do more of, we’ll consider what we need to do less of, so as to create some healthy breathing room in our lives. 

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