What a Life of Faith Looks Like

This Sunday Pastor Jeff will share an amazing story about two lizards – yes, lizards! – who will show us what a life of deep faith looks like. Are you facing any big challenges in life right now? Do you have loved ones who are facing big challenges? If so, this sermon’s for you.

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The Grit of Greatness

This week Pastor Jeff is going to talk to us about the 8th core characteristic of a Spirit-filled person.  The Greek word Paul uses for the 8th characteristic is “pistis.”  The meaning of the word is profound and potentially life-changing.  Invite a friend to tune in with you.

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It’s a word we hate to hear.  We’re impatient.  Waiting makes us frustrated, sometimes even angry and resentful.  Yet life constantly compels us to wait.  This Sunday we’ll explore how to turn our waiting into something joyful, powerful and productive, as we explore the concept of “prayerful waiting.”

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Let Go

You've heard people say it many times, "Let go, and let God!"  Sounds good, yet really hard to do.  But imagine if we could really do it; imagine if we could take our biggest anxieties, give them to God, and not take them back.  This Sunday we'll look at how to do that.  Start your New […]

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