Is There A Fifth Gospel?

For centuries, theologians knew there was once a book called “The Gospel of Thomas” that was lost in antiquity.  Then in 1945, two Egyptian farmers accidentally unearthed a jar containing 13 leather bound books, one of which contained the complete manuscript of Thomas!  It was a stunning discovery.  What should we make of this Gospel […]

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Master Your Money

Did you know that there’s an Old Testament book that appears in the Bible of half the world’s Christians that was written by someone named Jesus?  (Not the Jesus we know, but a great teacher who shared the same name and lived 200 years before our Jesus.)  This Sunday we’ll study that ancient book, taking special note […]

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The Most Important Sermon EVER

The most important sermon ever will be preached on Sunday at LifeJourney Church – not because of who preaches it and not because of how its presented, but because it will be about Jesus’ secret formula for living abundant life.  If you want to live your best life, join us on Sunday for the third installment in our sermon […]

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The Gift

At church this Sunday, an angel has a message specifically for you from God.  Don’t miss it!  Join us for our new Christmas sermon series – “Voices of Angels.”

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The With-Us God

When angels appeared to the shepherds, they announced “good news of great joy for all people.”  What was that good news, and why should I care?  This Sunday we’ll cut through all the Christmas glitz to get down to the core content of the good news the angels shared, dissecting each key word.  Sunday’s service […]

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