Think of someone you’ve known who exudes gentleness and patience.  Wouldn’t you like to be more like them?  As we all know, it’s easier said than done.  But this Sunday we’ll explore some ideas that might help, as we continue our sermon series about being salt and light in a hurting world.

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Cultivating Stillness

There’s nothing more scarce in our modern world than stillness.  Life sweeps us along in a storm of sound and fury.  We get so busy, we sometimes don’t even know who we are – and might even be afraid to get to know who we are.  This week we’ll explore Brené Brown’s Guidepost No. 8 […]

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I Can See It In Your Face

Any stress in your life?  One of the most important practical questions we face is how to manage stress.  So what did Jesus do?  This Sunday we’ll look at Jesus’ amazing stress management “technique,” as we continue our sermon series called “The Beauty Of Christ – Living In Me.”  Join us on Sunday and find some relief!

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