It’s always fun to look at before-and-after pictures.  Suppose we could take a picture of your life before you met Christ and after.  Would we see a big difference?  This Sunday we’ll explore several wonderful ways the grace of Christ calls us to re-imagine our lives. Today's Scripture Matthew 5:1-12 Discussion Questions "Going Deeper" Sunday […]

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Woe! (Whoa!)

Woe! (Whoa!)Are you feeling “woe” from doing things you know you ought not?  Whoa!  We continue this week in the sermon series on prayer called “Wow! Woe! Want! Wait! – Four Essential Elements of Prayer. ”  This Sunday we’ll explore a way of praying that has the power to help us mystically transform into who […]

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A Soul That Glows

A Soul That GlowsMost people live only half alive, achieve only half their potential, simply going through the motions of life.  This Sunday we’ll look at what it takes to fully actualize the spirit that’s inside us, using an example from Jesus’ life as our guide.  Today's Scripture Matthew 17:1-8 Discussion Questions "Going Deeper" Sunday […]

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