LifeJourney Reopening Plan

We are ready to take the first cautious steps toward reopening!  We say cautious because there have been several prominent stories in recent weeks about churches becoming hotspots for spreading the virus.  Large groups gathering inside for long periods of time present significant risk. 

So we’re not yet ready to flip a switch and jump back to normal.  Our Board of Directors met last night and decided that, for the time being, Sunday mornings will continue online at 11:00 am on Facebook.  Remember, if you ever experience difficulties with Facebook, our worship is also simultaneously live-streamed on the homepage of our church website and YouTube

But we are now ready to add two in-person options!

Summer Nights Outdoor Worship! 

Starting June 10 (a week from tomorrow), all who wish are invited to bring your lawn chairs (or blankets) on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm for an outdoor worship experience at the church.  Available evidence suggests outdoor gatherings are significantly safer.  Face masks and 6′ distancing will be required for anyone above 2 years old, per governmental requirements.

If it’s sunny, we’ll gather under the shade trees at the west end of the parking lot.  If it’s overcast, we’ll gather by the front doors of the church.  If it rains, we’ll cancel.  If in doubt about weather, check our church website one hour beforehand.

Wednesday worship will be completely different from Sundays. It will be brief — 45 minutes — allowing time before and after for reconnecting.  There will be singing, testimonies, a short message, children’s moments, and other innovative, interactive worship elements.  You’re welcome to bring a sandwich and something to drink if you haven’t had dinner.  Wednesdays will be family friendly; children are especially encouraged to participate!

So if you want to reconnect with people and worship under the open sky, join us on Wednesday nights beginning June 10!  If you plan to attend, be sure to read the safety requirements at the end of this note.

Outdoor Oasis Groups

Our Oasis Groups have been meeting on Zoom.  If they wish, they may continue on Zoom or now elect to meet outside either at the church or at their host home (if the host is comfortable).  Inside meetings are NOT yet allowed.  Six foot distancing is required; face masks are recommended outside and required when using the restroom inside.  Again, if you plan to attend, be sure to read the safety requirements at the end of this note.  

When will indoor Sunday worship resume?

We hope to be back in our sanctuary after schools open later this summer.  That’s the approach being taken by many thoughtful churches.  The Board will continue to monitor governmental recommendations, the experience of other churches, and scientific data, and speed up or slow down as circumstances warrant.  

The Board is being cautious for the sake of love.  We’re mindful that these are life and death decisions.  People matter more than institutional preservation.  Love makes sacrifices for the sake of each other’s wellbeing.  We’ll get through this together.  For almost 30 years, the light of our church has been shining.  It still is.  Our Loaves & Fishes program is feeding about 50 people each week.  Worship is happening, Oasis Groups and Discipleship Classes are meeting, pastoral care is happening, and new people are being welcomed.  We’re still strong, and we’ll be even stronger when this is over.  

So let’s keep moving forward!  

Wednesday Evening Worship Safety Requirements 

  • Stay home if you have a temperature, cough, cold, or have been exposed to COVID.  
  • If you are 65+ or otherwise at risk, you are encouraged to carefully assess your risk.
  • Bring your own lawn chair or blanket
  • Face coverings are REQUIRED for everyone 2 years and older, per governmental requirements.
  • You must maintain at least 6’ distancing at all times.  Do not get closer than 6′ to someone not in your household.     
  • No one seated closer than 17’ to speakers/singers.
  • When communion is done, people will bring their own elements.  
  • No passing of offering plate.  Offering buckets available for people to walk by.  
  • No handshakes or hugs.  
  • Ok to use indoor restrooms.  Make every effort to 6’ distance at all times and wear your mask.  Don’t wander the building please.
  • Feel free to bring your own sandwich and beverage if you wish.  
  • Hand sanitizing stations. 
  • The restrooms will be disinfected weekly.

Oasis Group Safety Requirements

Each Group will decide whether to meet outdoors in-person or on Zoom or offer participants the option of both.  For those who meet in-person, the following safeguards apply.

  • Stay home if you have a temperature, cough, or cold.
  • You must maintain at least 6’ distancing at all times.  Do not get closer than 6′ to someone not in your household.    
  • Face coverings required when going inside to the restroom, and recommended at other times.     
  • No hugging or handshakes.   
  • Have hand sanitizer available
  • For church-based groups, if it rains you should resort to Zoom.
  • For home-based groups, if it rains you may meet in a garage or covered porch (with masks) or may resort to Zoom.     
  • Homebased Oasis Groups, of course, need approval of their host home to meet there.


  1. Reply
    Mary Strode says:

    This is a very good planWell thought out

  2. Reply
    Amy Townsend says:

    I like all of this! I agree with the approach to reopening and the outdoor things sound really fun!

  3. Reply
    Diana Bayes says:

    Agree with all the above
    Am honored to be a part of this family and will patiently wait until we can worship inside when safe. Will try to attend Wednesday
    Continuing to watch great sermons on Facebook
    Love you all
    Lorena and Diana Bayes

  4. Reply
    Kathy Middleton says:

    So glad to hear about this innovative solution to our current situation. Looking forward to joining you all Wednesday.

  5. Reply
    MarCia says:

    Thank u
    Am missing the togetherness
    God bless this

  6. Reply
    Rick Kincaid says:

    Wish I could be more positive, but this all came at a bad time, needed my church, then all this happened! I’ll try 😔

  7. Reply
    Tina Mayes says:

    Yes we’ll be there 🥰🙏

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