Can’t Spell AwesoME Without “ME”

Can’t Spell AwesoME Without “ME”

Many Christians over the years perpetuate the negative message that we are not good enough.  Even though they say, ”Jesus came to save us,” there is this beat down that’s pervasive.  But, they also say, “This Jesus is only for certain people and not your kind (________fill in the blank.)” And the message sticks, and we internalize it. “I am just not good enough. I have heard it too much from different directions, including myself. Do I really have a place in God’s Kingdom? Does God love me? Even I don’t love me.” The New Testament is full of parables about the Kingdom of God. We hear many explanations about the seeds, weeds, fields, and treasure, but what does that really mean for me now? Join us on Sunday for a different perspective you may have never heard.  And you may leave, saying to yourself, “Can’t spell Awesome without ME!”

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Matthew 13:24-26, 36-39, 44-48, 52, and Luke 17:20-21

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