Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Do you long for a more measured pace in life?  Join us on New Year’s Day for “Un-Resolution Sunday.”  Instead of asking what we need to do more of, we’ll consider what we need to do less of, so as to create some healthy breathing room in our lives. 

Today's Scripture
Deuteronomy 30:11-20
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    SunShine Rucker says:

    I love this message of creating a (Un-Resolution Day) learning to say “No”, designing and creating space to “Breathe”…by living life by intentionally making better choices. This message is inspiring me to desire God’s best for my life. I want to be free from the rush…rush rat race of this world. I want to relax, Breathe in God’s wisdom for my life and enjoy life even in the mist of challenge & struggle.
    While Grace & Mercy is giving all of us a New Year of opportunities we can embrace, I prayfully engage in making changes this year 2017. I choose to “Breathe” with the Holy Spirit this year!
    “Happy New Year 2017” Deciding to co-create a life with less stress, less confusion and less drama. Thank you Pastor Jeff and LifeJourney Church family for creating a wonderful place & space to learn to live to be free. “Breathe”

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