reflections on the cross

The Generative Power Of Sacrificial Living

Life constantly confronts us with difficult choices.  What’s best for me versus what’s best for others.  What I want versus what you want.  Immediate gratification versus deferred gratification.  On Sunday we’ll learn a wonderful life-giving principle that can help us when facing difficult choices.  This will be the fourth installment...

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The Devil – Really?

This Sunday we’ll continue our new sermon series on “Difficult Questions of Faith” by asking what thoughtful, 21st century Christians should believe about the devil and demons.  We’ll explore three different interpretive options, then you can decide for yourself.  In our conversation, we’ll also identify an insight embedded in all three options...

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Is My Life Predetermined?

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series called “Difficult Questions of Faith.”  In this series, we will pull no punches, boldly exploring the most perplexing questions of faith, starting this Sunday with two key questions:  Is my life predetermined by God’s plan or subject to the vicissitudes of free will and randomness? ...

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Sermons from LifeJourney Church

When My Old Faith Fails

From time to time, we all have experiences that cause us to ask deep – sometimes troubling – questions about our faith.  It’s so common there’s even a term for it; it’s called a “faith crisis.”  This Sunday we’ll look at someone in the Bible who had a faith crisis...

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